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Our Mission is Clear

To create the world's smallest, brightest and most efficient pixel

Our Story

Studying optoelectronics at a world renowned university, Dr. Pasayat and Dr. Gupta discovered the secrets to unlocking a path to create the world's smallest and brightest microLED utilizing porous nitride technology. 


Upon graduation, they established their own research lab at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. There, they perfected their technology and began to seek commercialization. Dr. Alan Yeung quickly realized the potential of this new technology and joined the team to start Ingantec. Today we are led by Stella Chan, our President.

Our Team


Stella Chan



Dr. Robert Walker

Chief Strategy Officer

Chirag Gupta

Dr. Chirag Gupta

Chief Science Officer

Dr Alan S Yeung

Dr. Alan Yeung

Chairman & CEO

Shubhra Pasayat

Dr. Shubhra Pasayat

Chief Technology Officer

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