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The World's Smallest Red microLED

Breakthrough technology that solves the material and engineering challenges of microLED

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A better microLED

Ingantec’s breakthrough technology enables the creation of the world's first ever, bright red microLEDs below 10µm like no others. This novel InGaN material is compatible with blue and green microLEDs, and its use will eliminate the need for mass transfer of pixels, resulting in more cost effective manufacturing processes.

AR / VR Devices

Ingantec's microLEDs are perfect for products that require the smallest pixel size and the highest level of light emission. With Ingantec, you can pack more pixels into the eye piece of your Augmented Realty (AR) glasses or Virtual Realty (VR) headsets. This means a vibrant display with better response times and more accurate colors than ever before.

Smart Watches

Through porous III-nitride semiconductor technology, Ingantec enables sharper images and crisp texts on smart watches. Our displays use less power, leading to longer battery life on the smallest of devices.  


With advances in LiDAR, on-vehicle cameras and collision avoidance systems, modern automobiles demand dashboards having the best visual ergonomics and the most comprehensive infotainment system. For control, navigation and entertainment, Ingantec's microLEDs can enable heads-up displays with high contrast ratio against sunlight or glare, creating a safer and more visually pleasing experience at any viewing angle.

Smart Phones, Monitors and TVs

MicroLEDs are not only preferred but are known to be superior to OLED and traditional TFT-LCD in terms of display range, quality, speed and stability. Over time, microLEDs will bring longer lasting and more dynamic display panels to phones, notepads, monitors and TVs, at a competitive cost.

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Fulfilling the demand for a brighter and more powerful microLED display

Big Tech is driving displays to be smaller and higher resolution for AR/VR devices while they strive to improve the screen quality in everyday TVs, phones, watches and computers.  


As incumbent red LEDs become smaller and denser, their external quantum efficiency and brightness drop drastically. Existing 'pick and place' fabrication process can become slow, inefficient and costly. This is because no one can produce red, green and blue (RGB) microLEDs on the same semiconductor wafer.   ​ 

To overcome these material and engineering challenges, Ingantec offers a proprietary, patent-pending technology based on compound semiconductor materials, processing know-how, and product design. The result is a monolithic RGB microLED design without the need for mass transfer manufacturing steps.   ​ 


Customers can buy 4 or 6-inch red, green or blue wafers or monolithic RGB wafers to work with CMOS / control IC in the backplane. Contract R&D and manufacturing services, in turn, will enable production volumes to scale.  

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