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Semiconductor and LED veteran to lead strategy and business development at microLED pioneer.

Ingantec Corporation

Apr 2, 2024

MILWAUKEE, Wis.—(EIN Newswire)—Ingantec Corporation, an emerging leader in breakthrough technology that solves the material and engineering challenges of microLED, today announced the addition of Dr. Robert C. Walker to its executive team as Chief Strategy Officer.

“We are delighted to welcome Dr. Bob Walker to the Ingantec family,” said Stella Chan, Co-Founder and President, Ingantec Corporation. “As Ingantec’s chief strategist, Bob will help set the strategic vision and validate Ingantec's technology with key partners in emerging microLED applications.”

“Dr. Walker is a proven leader in compound semiconductor and LED industries,” stated Dr. Chirag Gupta, Ingantec Co-Founder and Chief Science Officer. “He brings a unique set of experiences and networks that are highly valuable to our growing team at Ingantec.”

Walker is a 30-year tech industry veteran and has held executive, board, investor, and entrepreneurial positions in multiple high-tech firms including LARQ, RayVio, BridgeLux, Intematix, and Veeco.

“Ingantec is at the forefront of some truly unique technologies leveraging the use of Indium Gallium Nitride (InGaN) in red and full-color displays,” commented Bob Walker. “In my opinion, InGaN-based microLEDs are amongst the most exciting new frontiers in efficient and direct-emissive displays, and Ingantec is on the cutting edge of bringing these dynamic displays to life.”

In addition to his role at Ingantec, Walker is currently General Partner-in-Residence at Mach 49, based in Silicon Valley.  As a venture capitalist, Walker was a partner at US-based Sierra Ventures and Taiwan-based Vincera Capital. He earned his BSEE from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and his PhD in Physics from Caltech. 

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